RIDES and EVENTS - 2020

* For all rides(except Toy Run)meet at the 76 Gas Station. Each rife includes a stop for brunch. Please let us know if you plan to join us so reservations can be made.

* Guest are welcome

March 29, CANCELLED COVID-19 - Capay Valley (Road Captain - Paul)

April 26, CANCELLED COVID-19 - Stonyford (Road Captain - Gary)

May 17, CANCELLED Weather - Hwy 49 South (Road Captain - John )

June TBD, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:30AM - Lewiston (Road Captain - Dennis)

July 19, Sunday, 9:30AM - TBD (Road Captain - Garrett)

August 16, Sunday, 9:30AM - To Volcano & Back (Road Captain - Don)

September 20, Sunday, 9:30AM - Garden Hwy/Sacramento River/Delta (Road Captain - Paul)

October 18, Sunday, 9:30AM - Fall Colors Ride (Road Captain - Jim)

December 11, Friday, 7:00PM - Marina Rec Room - Pre Toy Run & Christmas Party

December 12, Saturday, 10:00AM - 26th Annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run(A Benefit for families in need at Christmas) Meet at LWW Dam.

Riding Courtesies:

* Show up with full tank of gas.

* Ride in staggered formation with Lead bike to the left.

* Separation: 3 second rule except in slow traffic.

* Stay tight in slow traffic to make traffic signals.

* At stop sign, wait for everyone to bunch up and leave as a group.

* Each rider is responsible for the bike to the rear. If rear bike slows/stops/misses traffic signal, pull over and bikes in front pull over to signal bikes all the way to the front.

* Large group rides, lead bike signals left/right to change lanes. Last bike moves over followed by others up to the lead bike last.

* End at Gas Station for Goodbyes... and yogurt is always a good final option.

LAKE WILDWOOD MOTORCYCLE CLUB , P.O. Box 518 Penn Valley, CA 95946